Thursday, February 15, 2007

Why create GodTube?

GodTube has taken some hits on a few blogs recently. We're new, so we understand that's just part of getting started. In general we're seeing great things from you and that's very encouraging but we feel these comments from a few bloggers come more from a lack of understanding than a critical spirit. With that in mind, let us tell you why we started GodTube.

To begin, you can visit the "About Us" page on You'll see our mission statement along with the spiritual guidelines driving us. At the very least that gives you an idea of the big picture for GodTube. What we're most interested in is using technology to reach the world. What better way to reach the world than through the Internet and what better medium than online video?

It was a pretty simple decision for us actually. We want to see spiritual impact and life change and we wholeheartedly believe GodTube will be used for that purpose. Sure, some of the videos here are less spiritual than others, but the videos people upload are just the beginning. The video chat and video email are new (and free) ways for people to connect for ministry and evangelism purposes. Maybe you'll be the first person to start a weekly teaching series in the video chat section. It's there for just that kind of thing. What are you waiting on? We feel it's these tools (and others coming down the road) that will really help us reach the world with the Gospel with your help. So that's why we created GodTube. Will you join us?